About Us

Who We Are

As the name suggests, we are in fact a woodworking shop. We create various types of cabinetry for your home (kitchen/ bath/ living room/ laundry room/etc.); we make furniture pieces for your bedroom, living room and dining room; we make mouldings (and architectural panels) for your windows and doors; we can help you process lumber for your own DIY projects and can custom spray finish as well, but more than that… We are a family.

We take family and the relationships created through this business seriously. They are important to us; maybe more so than the project itself. Truly there are a lot of suppliers ‘out there’ but something we believe keeps people coming back to us is our attention to THEM. The work is important, but not more so than the people. We are a ‘people’ business. That is who we are.

Why We Do What We Do

What started off as a hobby, building small pieces for friends and family, J Eberle Woodworking has evolved into a full time, family owned and operated business. We are focused on quality, sustainability, the needs and wants of our customers, and the functionality of the pieces we make.

We at J Eberle Woodworking believe that we have been given an opportunity to serve people. We have a physical ability to create wood products but our main objective is to serve you! So, what can we help you with? …After all, THAT is why we are here…

What’s in a name?

The name ‘J Eberle’ does stand for ‘Joseph Eberle II’ but it also stands for the other ‘J Eberle’s’ that came before him. Jerome James Eberle (1917-1983) was a machinist for Westinghouse in Buffalo, NY. It is said that he worked at the same bench for 42 years. He labeled his numerous tools ‘J Eberle’ so one day, when his only son (Joseph Sr.) was of age, Jerome could hand them down.

Joseph John Eberle Sr worked at a different type of bench but with the same skill and reputation as his father, Jerome. Joseph Sr. kept the labeling tradition alive, adding tools of his own to the collection only to be passed along to his only son, Joseph II.

Today, Joseph John Eberle II uses some of the very tools that his grand father did some 80-plus years before him. The labeling tradition is carried on thru J Eberle Woodworking where it is hoped to maintain the benchmark set before it.